CENG 255 - Lab
Introduction to Computer Architecture

Fall (Sept. - Dec.) 2017

Report Guidelines

In general, report evaluation will depend on technical content (key points addressed in each lab) and format (presentation etc.) In the lab report, don't just give the end result of a design. Give all the design steps: Assumptions -> pseudo codes -> implementation -> memory maps -> well-commented program listings.

Due Dates
The lab report is due one calendar week after the completion of the lab (by 23:59). 10% is deducted from the lab report mark for each day of late submission. A report will not be accepted if it is late for 4 days or more, and it will receive a mark of 0. Reports are to be put in the CENG 255 lab drop box.
Report Content
The lab report must be complete enough for the marker to be able to understand, compile and simulate your system without consulting other references. Your well-typed report should include at least the following items (information provided for each item must be concise):
  • Title Page
  • Objective:
  • Briefly describes what the lab is about. Usually, you can paraphrase (not copy) the introduction of the lab description in the lab manual.
  • Your Solution:
  • This would include programs' pseudo code, your assumptions, a well-documented programs listing, and memory maps of programs.
  • Results:
  • This would include items such as any snapshots of the memory.
  • Discussion:
  • Briefly comment on your design specifications, limitations, shortcomings and included extra features. Highlight the differences between your design and stated specifications. Summarize errors, pitfalls, and problems encountered while doing the lab. Comment on the results and anything requested in the lab description. Answer any questions included in the manual.
  • Conclusion:
  • State what you learned from the lab and anything that you can determine from the results of the lab.
  • References:
  • Any design portion that is copied or modified must be referenced. Don't copy each other's design!
  • Appendices:
  • Attach the original preparation sheets, your prelab sheets etc. to the appendix of your final lab report.