Invited Conference Presentations

1. D.J. Shpak, “A constrained complex Remez method for the design of digital filters and antenna arrays,” International Conference on Personal Wireless Communication, Victoria, June 1995.

Non-Refereed Technical Reports

1. S. Subramanian, D.J. Shpak, P.S.R. Diniz and A. Antoniou, Performance of Adaptive Filtering Algorithms in a Simulated HDSL Environment, Victoria Micronet Report No. 1/92, March 1992.

2. C. Jubien, C. Lakoumentas, B. Roden, D. Shpak, and J. Sondermeyer, Noise sensing using a variation of the nLMS adaptive filter with auto-calibration, Mackie Designs Industrial White Paper, Sept. 2000, 12 pages.

Patents Granted

1. P. Lupini, D.J. Shpak, and B. Gibson, Targeted Vocal Transformation, U.S. patent 6,336,092,
January 2002.

2. C. Jubien, C. Lakoumentas, B. Roden, D. Shpak, J. Sondermeyer, Method and Apparatus for Automatic Volume Control in an Audio System, U.S. patent 6,868,162, March 2005.

Patents Submitted

1. N. Tzonev and D. Shpak, Apparatus for the Wireless Remote Monitoring of Storage Tank Roofs, US Provisional Patent Application 61/072,347, March, 2008.

Industry Awards

1. As a principal author of the Filter Design Toolbox for MATLAB, I developed all of the novel optimization algorithms for digital filter design. This product received the prestigious EDN Software Innovation of the Year Award for 2000.

2. Member of the hardware/firmware design team for the Firecard single-card firewall which received Secure Computing Magazine's “Pick of 2001” in VPN Product Review. This was the first-ever embedded product using the Transmeta Crusoe CPU.

3. Award for top-10 design in the worldwide Microchip dsPIC Design Contest, 2004. Did all analog and digital design and developed the firmware/software for an embedded product that includes novel audio DSP.

April 2008