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Note: This project was created for the project course ELEC 499a. The sponsor for our 499a project was Aerie Dental Center, Dr. John McDowell Inc., Gabriola Island, British Columbia. The supervisor was Dr. Warren Little. 

Company Profile

SIGNALCOMM was initiated to form a solution to a need for secret, reliable and omni-directional communication throughout offices and operatories.  The Interoffice Signal System was designed and built to the specifications of a professional dentist.

Systems currently on the market only allow for lights to be set individually and have one main reset button. Thus all signals would be reset with one push, not each individual one. The system requirements for our client are an omni-directional method of communication from the operatory to the front desk and more. Any panel throughout the office may set an indicator light and any panel may acknowledge the message. SIGNALCOMM felt that it was important to add features into the product for easier signal recognition. For instance, flashing the lights to help recognize a new signal as well as individual reset and acknowledge buttons.

The system will be installed  and fully functional August 23, 2001 in Aerie Dental Centre (Dr. John McDowell Inc.) on Gabriola Island, British Columbia.


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(250) 472-4261
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3800 Finnerty Rd., University of Victoria, Victoria, BC Canada
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General Information: rgunders@uvic.ca
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