Maxim MAX483 - Datasheet

Supports 32 Nodes over 4000 feet
One Twisted Pair
128 Kbps
Differential Voltage on Twisted Pair
High Level If Differential Voltage between lines A and B >200mV
Low Voltage If Differential Voltage between lines A and B<-200mV
High Noise Tolerance
Terminating Resistors Require


Click on the thumbnail below for a typical wiring diagram for MAX483 drivers.


max.jpg (38225 bytes)


Typical Wiring Diagram


For this application:

The MAX483 driver required  the receive pin to be pulled up with a 1k resistor. Furthermore, since all nodes were set to default receive, nothing drove the bus. Therefore, the bus lines A and B had to be pulled up and down respectively. This caused the bus to be default high; a new communication was started with a low start bit.




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Last modified: August 01, 2001