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This project focuses on enhancing the performance and responsiveness of the Radio Drum to make it a more effective virtual percussion instrument. This instrument has applications in live performances, recording studios and for personal use. Producers in modern-day sound studios use a wide range of percussion instruments to meet the percussive demands of musical genres such as: world music, new age, computer music, electronica, trance and hip-hop. Producers implement both live audio and MIDI instruments in todayís studio to meet listeners and musicianís preferences. Recent developments in digital audio and MIDI recording techniques have made the computer a necessary tool in the modern studios. 

Little Budda Studios - San Rafael, CA

The Radio Drum offers an innovative alternative to producers and performers. The enhanced Radio Drum will produce analog Amplitude Modulated (AM) signals that can be sampled by an (A/D) audio interface connected to the performerís or recording studioís host computer. Software such as MAX/MSP can be used to interpret the signals and produce MIDI music that can be performed in real time or implemented in a recording studio. The goal of this project is to enhance the performance of the Radio Drum. We designed a chopper circuit to Amplitude Modulate the 8 analog signals so that audio interfaces can pass all frequencies (including very low frequencies below 20Hz) created by the gestural movements of the performer.