E nvironmental Sensors Incorporated is a local company which specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of instrumentation and systems for environmental measurement.  Once of their sensors, named Flo.PointTM assesses the percentage water content in oil, and is intended to provide immediate monitoring on pumping oil wells.

ESI's current calibration procedure for the Flo.Point requires manually changing the volumes of oil and water within the unit and recording hundreds of measurements.  This cumbersome process is expensive, inefficient and time consuming, and will not be practical when the Flo.Point begins shipping in greater volume.

ESI has asked us to design an automated procedure and mechanism for calibrating batches of meters simultaneously.  The scheme involves attaching an unspecified number of Flo.Point devices in parallel to a cylinder which contains an oil/water mixture.  By automating the control of the relative volumes of the two fluids in the cylinder, and therefore the sensors, a large number of meters could be calibrated simultaneously.