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The Bomb disposal Robot is a robot with tank tracks, equipped with a camera on a servo motor, and controls an output relay for any application needed, such as a lamp. The design is to control movement of the robot, turn on and off the relay (lamp), and be able to receive video signal from a controllable camera.

Controller End

Interface an analog joystick to a PIC micro controller to output serial communication. Button, direction and speed information is sent binary 8 bits serially. 12 volt power source is required to power the Bomb Disposal Robot. To toggle the relay (lamp) with one button. With the same button pushed and held, have ability to control the pitch of the camera. 

Receiver End

Using another PIC micro to receive the serial data and respond accordingly. Two motors are used as separate tank tracks to turn, go forward and reverse. One servo motor is for pitch of the camera. An onboard camera is used to capture video. A relay for an output such as to control a lamp mounted near the camera is used to improve lighting conditions.

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