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This web site was developed as part of the University of Victoria Electrical Engineering Design Project course(Elec499A) in the summer 2001.


To create a dimmer circuit for high pressure sodium streetlamp to reduce the power consumption by 60%. 


To determine is a streetlight dimmer circuit is possible.  If a streetlight circuit is possible, create a circuit using the streetlight provided by STI. 


1.)    Research current patents regarding High Pressure Sodium dimmer technologies.  Evaluate the patents and determine whether to use these technologies or provide a new design approach.

2.)    Determine that the dimmer can be effectively modulated to produce several different % of energy savings.  The starting range for the dimming would be 40% power through to full 100% power

3.)    Design the dimmer circuit(s) from the top down.   Possibly implement multiple methods for the dimming technologies.

4.)    Implement a physical working prototype.

5.)    Prove efficiency of the dimmer circuit in all standard lamp power units: 400W,250W,200W,150W,100W,70W.  

6.)    This dimmer is intended to be for the retrofit market,  such that it can be implemented into any standard ballast circuit.

7.)      The final report to include an in depth discussion of how lamp dimming is achieved.


UVic Project Supervisor

Adam Zielinski

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STI Streetlight Technology Inc.
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Don Cleland
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