Progress Report 2

Elec 499A
June 29, 2001

Sodium Streetlight Dimmer Project Progress Report # 2

Bob Laplante
Jenny McPhail
Geoffrey Shera

To: Dr. Adam Zielinski

Accomplished Tasks Phase 1 is complete.

Accomplished all the keys points to phase 1 in the allotted time. Performed patent searches on the web using the government sites. We narrowed down to the patents following the criteria mentioned in scope to two patents. The two main criteria were that the patents had to be compatible with standard ballast. These two patents are attached CA 1058279 and CA 2004334. The patent we have based our initial circuit design was CA 1058279. These patents are also held in the USA and Europe.

In progress Phase 2

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Designed dimmer circuit based on patent CA 1058279 by using the modified Smart Pack design to phase angle fire the Triac. Modification consisted of changing the zero crossing opto-isolator MOC3083 to a floating point MOC3023, specification attached in Appendix 2. This allowed us to us the existing Smart Pack as a platform for our phase angle firing circuit. Currently this method has proved marginally successful. The created dimmer circuit has no problem dimming a standard lamp bulb to 40% power; however, when the dimmer circuit is connected to the streetlight, the streetlight turns off when we lower the power output. We’ve tried starting the streetlight at full power and decreasing it to 90%. But when we change the power to 90% the streetlight turns off. We think the ignitor circuit is pventing the lamp from functioning properly at a reduced voltage. Part of the problem is that the starter circuit is a black box and we don’t know how it will function with the dimmer circuit in place. We have still to attempt placing the dimmer circuit after the ignitor circuit that way it can’t interfere. After we’ve tried this and STI has no ideas, then this dimmer circuit will be a unsuccessful and the report will be created from these results.

Testing and creating of the dimmer circuit was worked on at Geoff Shera's home.

Future Tasks Phase 3

Time Line

We are a little behind the grant chart mentioned in the first progress report. The delay has been caused by the difficulties surrounding the ignitor circuit on the streetlight. With STIs help hopefully we will get back to the original time schedule and complete phase 2 in a couple of days.

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Don Cleland
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