ELEC 499A  -  Digital Image Watermarking

Progress Report 1

Submitted: May 28th 2001
To: Dr. T.A. Gulliver
By:  Manny Abecia, Pat Bundon, Eric Haight


  1. To research various watermarking algorithms and gain an understanding of the different methods used.   
  2. To develop a watermarking program on the PC platform that implements a chosen watermarking algorithm for the JPEG image standard.
  3. The chosen algorithm should add an imperceptible watermark to an image.  Attacks designed to remove the watermark should result in severely degraded image quality before the watermark is removed.  The watermark should not interfere with the image being protected.  

Method of Solution / Project Scope

Available algorithms will be researched and analyzed for their ability to withstand attacks to remove the watermark.  The watermarking technique used in the chosen algorithm method will be explained in detail and its advantages over other algorithms will be discussed. 

A watermarking program on the PC will be developed with Object Pascal.  This program will consist of a GUI that accesses the algorithm written in C and allows the users to control certain elements of the watermarking process. 
The GUI will allow the user to:
·    select a JPEG image to add a watermark to
·    enter the information to be embedded as a watermark
·    choose whether there will be a visible watermark to announce the presence of the imperceptible watermark.

Team Organization

The project team consists of three UVic Electrical Engineering students:
·    Manny Abecia
·    Pat Bundon
·    Eric Haight

Assigned Tasks

The required tasks to complete this project are:

1.    Research the available watermarking algorithms.  (Team)
2.    Understand the different techniques of the image watermarking.  (Team)
3.    Progress Reports (Team)
4.    Choose an algorithm that satisfies our requirements.   (Team)
5.    Analyze and modify the code of the chosen algorithm to suit our requirements. (Team)
6.    Create a GUI using Object Pascal as an interface between the user and the algorithm coded in C.  (Pat)
7.    Create a poster to showcase our project for the end of term presentations.  (Eric)
8.    Create a website to showcase our project on the web     (Manny)
9.    Final Report (Team)

May 11
research / choose algorithm
progress report #1
May 18 
May 25
pr. report #1 due Monday May 28th
June 1
build GUI / algorithm changes
progress report #2
June 8
June 15
progress report #2 due June 29th
June 22
test: robustness, invisibility etc.
make web page
June 29
July 6
July 13
final report 
make poster for presentation
July 20
July 27 
poster presentations on July 27th
Aug 3 
report and website due Aug 3rd