This web page was produced as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the ELEC 499 design project course at the University of Victoria. The purpose of this web page and the software developed is purely academic. We would like to thank our project supervisor Dr. Aaron Gulliver for all his enthusiasm and continuous help throughout the term.

A watermark on a dollar bill protects its authenticity, and on digital images watermarks are used in the same manner.

The first goal of this project was to research different techniques of watermarking images and to test how well these different algorithms performed. To measure the performance of the algorithms, we tested how well they met the criteria of good watermarks:

1) Robust - The algorithm should resist unintentional and intentional attacks on the watermark.
2) Imperceptible - The watermark should not interfere with the work being protected.
3) Unambiguous - The extracted watermark should unambiguously identify the owner.

The second objective of this project was to implement the best algorithms with a GUI on the Windows platform. The GUI is simply designed but allows optional control over parameters of the watermarking process. These parameters can control the length and visibility of the watermark.

The resulting utility implements two of the better watermarking algorithms (Cox and Xie). This watermarking program can add watermarks to PGM (portable greymap) or PBM (portable bitmap) images.

This project was carried out by three fourth year Electrical Engineering students. See the Testing section to view our results.


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