Atmel 8515 Features

  Family Name      AVR
  Family Prefix      AT90S8515
  Vendor      ATMEL
  Target Application      Embedded Control Application
  Architecture      RISC
  Core Data Bus (bits)      8
  Address Bus (bits)      16
  No. of Timers      2
  Width of timers (bits)      8, 16
  No. of Watchdog      1
  Watchdog Width (bits)      Programmable
  Number of PWM Channels      1
  Number of GPR      32
  Program Memory Size      8 KB
  Program Memory Size (K) Regardless Word size      8
  Program Memory Type      FLASH
  Flash Size      8 KB
  EEPROM Size      512 B
  RAM Size      512 B
  Memory Protection Support      Yes
  Number of On-Chip Oscillators      2
  On-Chip PLL      No
  On-Chip Peripherals/Controllers      Yes
  Number of Serial Interfaces      2
  UART Support      No
  Display Driver      LED
  Speed or Max Clock Rate (MHz)      4
  Absolute Max Speed      4
  Cycle Time      0.25 us
  Number of External Interrupts      2
  Number of Internal Interrupts      10
  Number of Levels      12
  Number of Power Saving Modes      Idle, Power down
  Supply Voltage      3.3V, 5V
  Package Type      DIP
  Package      40-PDIP
  Number of Programmable I/O      32
  Screening Levels      Commercial
  Operating Temperature      0c to 70c
  Storage Temperature      -65c to 150c
  In System Programming      YES
  Self Programming      NO