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The ShotKeeper was written in C language as appose to assembly.  This is to increase the development time of the project.  

CodeVisionAVR C Compile
32 bit application, runs under Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 and 2000.  Easy to use Integrated Development Environment and C Compiler.  Editor with auto indentation and keywords highlighting.  Supported data types: bit, char, int, short, long, float, double 

The Atmel AVR STK500 is a starter kit and development system for Atmelís AVR.  Flash microcontrollers. The STK500 gives designers a quick start to develop code  on the AVR combined with features for using the starter kit to develop prototypes and test new designs. The STK500 interfaces with AVR Studio, Atmelís Integrated.  Development Environment (IDE) for code writing and debugging.