The photo on the left was the hardware setup used for the Streaming Video over Bluetooth Demo
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Provided from
1. Desktop PC Work as a server which transmits data to client Group member Free
2. Laptop Work as a client which receives data to server Group member Free
3. Spectrum Analyzer Detect the change of frequency Department Free
4. Two Bluetooth Application Tool Kits A wireless kit which was designed to replace cable to transmit data Ericsson $ 1,000 U.S


Bluetooth Application Tool Kit

The Bluetooth Application Tool Kit has been developed by Ericsson. It facilitates hands-on training involving Bluetooth wireless technology and is available at a very favorable price.

A well defined Application Program Interface (API) provides access to the different layers of the protocol stack. No external power supply is required.


Application development

The tool kit consists of a development board with a 0 dbm Bluetooth module. It uses a serial or USB connection to a PC for host-based Bluetooth application development. A host stack for Windows environment is included together with several application examples, e.g. Chat and File Transfer.


Bluetooth Specification

The complete Bluetooth Specification forms part of the tool kit. This covers everything from the radio and baseband to application profiles.



- 0 dBm Bluetooth Module
- E Inverted-F antenna integrated into the PCB






- USB Cable, type A to type B
- UART Cable, D-sub to D-sub
- D-sub to pin header converter cable


- 80 x 40 x 15 mm