The Bluetooth Technology Evaluation project is a research project based on the Bluetooth wireless standard. This research project will serve as initial groundwork for future projects, which may require the use of a Bluetooth wireless link. The Bluetooth project is also an opportunity to gain exposure to one of the latest developments in wireless technologies.

To provide the information which will allow further development of Bluetooth products, the four main objectives for the members of Blue Suit Research are to 1) Understand the Bluetooth specification 2) Setup a working Bluetooth piconet 3) Verify that our network meets a set of Bluetooth specifications. 4) Compare Bluetooth with IEEE 802.1 and Home RF wireless technologies

In order to meet these objectives, we plan to complete four main tasks:

1. Research the evolution of Bluetooth, what the current specifications are and how they are to be tested.

2. Set up a web cam with Ericsson's USB/Bluetooth development boards. This will provide us with a hands-on look at Bluetooth and act as a proof of purchase.

3. Combine our knowledge of the Bluetooth specifications and the Ericsson USB/Bluetooth development board to create our own limited set of test procedures.

4. Compile our findings and test results and create a document that can be used to accelerate the development of Bluetooth products.

To divide the work, we plan to split Bluetooth into four main sections: RF, Base Band, Service Discovery Protocol (SDP) and a comparison between Bluetooth, IEEE 802.1 and Home RF. Each member of the team will be responsible for the research, development and testing of the specifications in their section. Robert Schoffner will be in charge of the RF, William Chow the base band, Gabriel Wiebe the SDP and Andus Chan will compare the different wireless technologies. A time line for the specific tasks is displayed in the attached Gantt chart.