The Bluetooth project is proceeding a little behind schedule due to the late arrival of the development kits and USB card for the lab computer. As discussed in our conference call on Tuesday June 23, after the evaluation of the Bluetooth development kits and application software, a decision was made to change the focus of the Bluetooth project form a detailed component level evaluation to more of a system level evaluation. This change will allow for a redirection of manpower to develop the API (Application Program Interface) for the web cam demo. This task was originally underestimated in terms of allocated time and manpower. Team members are currently working hard to overcome the hurdles arising from this change in focus.

A) Work done in the period closing 26 May 2001 (Week 1 - Week 4)

In week 1-3 initial research to familiarize the group with the Bluetooth technology was conducted. The technology was broken down into three sections:

- Software

- Baseband

- RF

In week 4, the development of a document comparing the wireless technologies Bluetooth, 802.11b (Wi-Fi) and Home RF started.

B) Work done in the period closing 25 June 2001 (Week 5 - Week 8) In week 5-7, the first draft the technology comparison document was completed. The final draft is currently due for final reading closer to the date of presentation.

In week 7, the Bluetooth development boards arrived. The boards were evaluated and it was determined that the application software required to demo the web cam was in a primitive/nonexistent state. This prompted a redirection of manpower to develop an API (Application Program Interface) in order to demo the web cam.

In week 8, a meeting with AVT was arranged to acquire some expertise and direction in the development of the API. The meeting will take place on Wednesday July 4 at 2pm where a short demo of the Bluetooth development boards will be presented.