June 2000: The team was formed and various ideas were presented.

July 2000: Final project idea was selected. It was decided to undertake a complete design of a battery charger.

August - Sept. 2000: Dr. Nandi was asked to supervise our project. He accepted. Also, the Power Dynamics Group was formed.

October - Dec. 2000: Battery research was started. Sponsors were sought after to donate components and or financial aid. Circuit research was started.

January 2001: Battery was obtained. A preliminary circuit design was also obtained.

February - March 2001: Circuit design continues. Switching methodologies are under way and the team's website is moving along quickly. Ideas for poster presentation are initiated and circuit design is near completion.

March - April 2001: Circuit design complete. Poster presentation and demonstration successfully completed. Switching strategy modified to a PIC from Comparator Logic Feedback Control. Final report is initiated.

April 2001 - Current: Circuit design is fully complete. Final report has been completed and is ready for submission. Web site is fully completed and is ready for submission. PIC switching mechanism is not functioning, work is still required for its implementation. All in all, with use of manual swithing, PDG's goals have been met! Course requirements satisfied.

Power Dynamics Group, 2001