Software setup

Sampling Your CDs

There are many ways to convert your audio CDs to .mp3 format, but be prepared for it to take a long time.. like anywhere from 2 to 6 hours per disc, depending on your OS and hardware. Under Linux, we use cdda2wav and encode to convert disks.

Loading Your Audio Files

Once the files have been sampled onto the workstation, you need to get them onto the system. The transfer method is using a network card.

A central part of mp3 player is the three-tiered directory system used to store the files.

The 01, 02, etc. on the song mp3 files tell the software what order to play the songs in - that is, what order they appear on the CD. If there are some misc. mp3 files that don't all come from a CD, we can use the renumber script located in the release to alphabetically arrange and number a series of sound files. They'll appear like this: