Solution Proposal

Our proposed solution to achieving our goal of an auto theft deterrent is to create an alarm which, when installed in a car, is inherently obvious to a person looking into the vehicle that it is armed.  We will do this by having visual identifiers inside the car, such as flashing lights, decals, etc…  If a person were to be insistent on forcing entry into the car, an audio and visual distress signal would be output by the alarm system hopefully deterring the person from proceeding.  

The alarm will be armed and disarmed with a remote device that hangs on a key chain.  There will also be a panic button on the device, so that if a person is in trouble they can press the panic button and it will sound the horn and flash the lights repeatedly.  We chose to trigger the alarm by using the switch in the door that triggers the internal lights.  This is because motions sensors tend to go off when someone kicks your tire, or any sort of motion such as rocking on the ferry, which causes a "cry wolf" type of syndrome where no one pays much attention to the alarm when it goes off. 

The project will be divided into 3 components. These are hardware design, transmitter software design, and receiver software design.  Once these are completed 2 tests circuits will be build, one for the transmitter and one for the receiver.  When they are functioning correctly the components will be soldered onto boards.