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The Project

Our goals for the Summer 2002 offering of CENG/ELEC 499A at the University of Victoria were to:

We set out to achieve the following objectives with our design solution:

The Creative Process

Inspired by packet modems, popular with many Amateur Radio operators, we investigated several options for creating a wireless link between a Palm Pilot and a PC.  Some avenues we explored included:

We also investigated several avenues on the software side of the project, including:

What We Built

Ultimately, we narrowed our scope to the following for the 3 month design project:

The details of our modem, our PC software (Palm Link Service), our Palm Pilot software (SJMTerm), and our XML communications protocol are available by clicking on the corresponding sections of the system diagram below:

Modem specifications XML communications protocol PC software (Palm Link Service)
Palm Pilot software (SJMTerm)

About the System

About the Team

Special thanks to our project supervisor, Dr. Peter Driessen

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