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Design of Good Linear Error Correcting Codes

Supervised by Dr.Aaron Gulliver and performed by Reza Esmailzadeh and Mike Kooznetsoff, the goal of this project was to fulfill ELEC499A: DESIGN PROJECT COURSE, offered by the University of Victoria's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.  This web site clearly explains all the necessary background information, description, and list of the three major reports corresponding to our project.  


We designed and tested a C++ program which generates all the error-correction codes that are utilized in any communications receiver, in order to detect and correct any misinterpreted symbols. This used the three major input parameters of code-length, minimum Hamming distance between codewords, and the arithmetic base (MOD). The reults were satisfying and will help Dr.Gulliver in his research, especially for mapping Z4 error correction codes to a QPSK system's signal space diagram. For more infoprmation, please click on Project Description

 Cost of the Project

  • Total cost for design and testing the program: $0.00


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