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Design of Good Linear Error Correcting Codes

Our company is comprised of two bright undergraduate electrical engineering students. Our line of research is in communications and error coding theory. We specialize in programming using C, C++, and FORTRAN. The programs are purely scientific and applicable to professionals who research in the relevant field.

Project Members

    Mr. Reza Esmailzadeh, a final-year communications engineering student is in charge of all the theoretical teaching, advising, and documenting. His expertise in the "error coding field" was a mandate to the successful completion of this project.

    Mr. Mike Kooznetsoff, a final-year robotics and control systems engineering student, applied his advanced C programming skills to develop and test the computer program which was the final product of the project. 

This project was professionally handled by both of the members. The tasks include programming using C++, testing the program's different modules, providing theoretical background, documentation, and poster preparation.


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