USB Controlled I/O Module

Currently Fast Forward Technologies (FFT) is working on building a USB based I/O module. This project is part of the 499a design course at the University of Victoria.

The USB I/O module is being designed with education in mind. Not only is the product being built while the team members are working on their education; its being built to help schools educate their students in the mechatronics area.

The goal of the project is to go from design, to a breadboard prototype, to a PCB based prototype. The ultimate result of this project (Not necessarily in the scope of 499A) is to create a production board for the next generation of Festo's Easy port. The current prototype has the following specifications: Module Specifications

Bread Board Based Prototype

Unpopulated PCB

The complete I/O module
The module inside its case

The demonstration setup
Jon, the gold bowler, and Dave

FFT has four goals in this project

1) To learn about the USB protocol
2) To learn about the production stages of a product
3) To create a marketable and manufacturable product
4) To complete complete the 499a coarse

To learn more about this project you can look over the documents in the Docs area.


----Jon Knoll  
----Dave Wolowicz  
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----Kin Li  
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