Speaker Verification System

Speaker Verification Submenu



This is a explanation on the usage of the program with the gui interface.

From the matlab command prompt, running triradius opens up the main menu:


To enroll a user, click on Enroll. The enrollment window opens:

Type your username into the User Name field, choose a word to say, and then click on Record1 to begin recording. Recording will begin immediately and continue for 1 second. After the necessary processing is complete, Recording Complete will be displayed. Next click on Record2 and say the same word. Recording Complete will be displayed when the program is done processing.


From the main menu, click on voiceprint test. The voiceprint test window opens:

Type in the username and click record to start recording. As in enrollment, the program records for 1 second. A pass or fail verdict will then be displayed in the window.


From the main menu, click on Configuration. The configuration menu opens:

Default values can be restored by typing 0 in the desirsed field or clicking on Default All to reset all the parameters. Clicking on OK will save the changes. Clicking on Cancel discards any changes.

Remove User

A users profile can be removed from the system by clicking on Remove User, from the main menu. Simply type the username in and click on delete. Obviously, in a real biometrics system, it would not be this easy to delete user profiles. This program was made to demonstrate the technology.