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The two main measures of performance are FAR (False Acceptance Rates) and FRR (False Rejection Rates). For our speaker verication system, FAR = 15% and FRR=23%. The table below shows performance results for specific peopley. The yellow cells are the acceptance rates while the white cells are rejection rates. For possible methods of improving the performance, see the recommendations section.


Execution speed is a another performance issue because the processes are computationally intensive. Execution times are shown in the graph below. In the horizontal axis, 22 represents threshold creation, 21 Verification, 20 enrollment. Tests were run on a Pentium III 450 Mhz in Matlab 5. Recall that verification and threshold creation are virtually identical and differ from enrollment in that a comparison is performed instead of codebook creation. Through comparing the algorithms, it becomes clear that the comparison module takes the most time.