The Electronics System is the main component of the transmission system.  It basically receives the GPS data through the GPS module, processes it for transmission, and sends it out via the radio modem.  More details about the exact procedure can be found in the Software section.

Shown below is a photo of the electronic system board that is inserted into the hull of the buoy.  More specific details for each component are listed in the Table 1.

Table 1: Electronic System Device Details


Device Device Description
1 GPS Antenna

Picks up transmitted signal information from GPS satellites in orbit around Earth.

2 GPS Module

Keeps in constant communication with GPS satellites and specifies its location on Earth.

3 PIC Microcontroller Configures the GPS module and controls the radio modem's transmissions.  The "brains" of the system.
4 12V Power Supply Provides power to all devices.
5 On/Off Switch Turns the whole system on or off.
6 Fuse Prevents damage to the electronic system from large surges of current flow from the power supply.
7 Radio Modem Receives data from the PIC microcontroller and transmits the data.  Has full transmit and receive capabilities as well as Push-To-Talk capability.
8 +5V Voltage Regulator Limits the voltage to the GPS module, PIC, and radio modem to 5.0 V.