According to the requirements listed in the Introduction page, there were six main specifications for this project.

The first one stated that the transmission range of the drifter buoy had to be at least 10km.  As explained in the results section of Ocean Test #2, this requirement was not met.  However, because the new system increased the range by over 10 times, this was considered an acceptable improvement.  

The data that was received within the accepted range was double-checked with the boat's onboard GPS locator.  It was found that the buoy was transmitting data that was fairly close to the boat's, confirming that it was transmitting reliable GPS location data.  

After the two ocean tests were conducted, the buoy showed no signs of damage or leakage.  Therefore, both the buoy and its antenna proved to be strong enough to withstand ocean conditions.   

Because the buoy was never left on for more than 4 hours, it is unknown if the batteries will last for a day of testing.  However, based on our power budget calculations, there should be sufficient power to last over 10 hours.  

The total cost of the electronics system was about $1500, which was on the expected budget.

Since the hull of the buoy was modified to fit in all the new equipment, there is adequate space for everything to fit comfortably.  Although the GPS Locator Drifter Buoy is still in the prototype phase, the new design met all specifications and the project was a success.