Date of test: July 30th, 2002

Location of test: Tulista Bay, Sidney and surrounding ocean

The Boat Launch at Tulista Bay, Sidney

Equipment Used:


This ocean test used the same set-up as the one in Ocean Test #1

Test Procedure:

The same test procedure was used in both this ocean test and Ocean Test #1.  Once the buoy was placed in the ocean, a test route was chosen for the boat to take.  It is shown below in the map. 


The purpose of this ocean test was to find the maximum range of the GPS Locator Drifter Buoy.  It was found that once the boat was around 5.5km to 6.5km away from the buoy, the GPS data string was no longer being completely received.  Therefore, this was found to be the maximum range of the boat.  Although the initial requirements were set at having the range being around 10km, the current system is still performing over 10 times better than the original system.  Therefore, this is an acceptable improvement.