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Why help sponsor an Automated Underwater Vehicle (AUV)?


Through this web page and all other media related to the AUV project sponsors will gain exposure to both student and professional engineers. Association with the AUV initiative displays dedication to community, education and technology through financial or material aid.

Team Canada:

AUVic is one of two Western-Canadian competitors at the International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition. Therefore, the competition provides a remarkable opportunity to display Canadian resolve and ability. Canada produces top engineers and designs: the contest gives Canadian engineering the chance to showcase what we have to offer - an exhibition of innovation and ingenuity. Dare to show Canadian pride in helping the University of Victoria AUV team champion the Maple Leaf in San Diego, California.


Material donations speak for themselves. All vehicle specifications will be on display and prominently note the supplier/manufacturer/sponsor of the hardware. Financial aid will be noted on promotional media and in the specifications Appendices. Specific materials can also be sponsored and tagged accordingly. Platinum donors will be graphically represented on the hull. All contributors will be mentioned on the website and any other promotional materials we decide to distribute.

Sponsorship Breakdown
Bronze $500 or less Publicity on our website and moderate karma
Silver $501 - $1999 Publicity on our website and in all our publications, and good karma
Gold $2000 - $4999 Publicity on our website, in all our publications, and on a small portion of the Antitanic's hull, and really good karma
Platinum $5000 or more Publicity on our website, in all our publications, and on a large portion of the Antitanic's hull, and excellent karma

Many thanks to all our current and future sponsors, together victory will hopefully be ours.

For more information regarding our project, please visit the general information section of our website or take a peek at our latest newsletter. Here you will find our budget and high level design plans.