Last Updated 04/05/2002


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Our objective for this project is to reproduce the look and feel of a typical analog DJ setup with two analog turntables and a mixer, but to build such a system to enable the use of digital media such as .MP3 files. Several objectives were identified for the Mixa-Rip CENG/ELEC 499A project.  These objectives included both technical aspects relating to the development of a user interface (hardware) for an MP3 scratching and mixing system, as well as objectives relating to possible commercial product development and business venture opportunities.  These objectives are as follows:

  1. Research and define possible market for an MP3 scratching and mixing system
    • Research related products already in the market place.
    • Define a product that would be accepted into the market.
    • Define a target consumer.
    • Determine what qualities and features are important to intended consumer.
    • Discuss ideas with active DJs.
  1. Investigate options for product development assistance and or business partnerships
    • Setup discussions with Innovation and Development Corporation at the University of Victoria.
    • Contact students at other institutes who are researching or developing interfaces to digital music.
  1. Define, design and develop a proof of concept prototype for an MP3 scratching and mixing system that incorporates hardware and software elements
    • Design and implement essential features.
    • Design prototype with future features and desired characteristics in mind.
    • Ensure prototype is deliverable within the CENG/ELEC 499A timeline.