State of the Art Solution for Cost Effective GPS Front End

Using Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures


In fulfillment of Electrical Engineering 499

By: Adrien Tennent


Supervisor: Dr. Jens Bornemann



Current industry needs require small dimension antennas. High permitivity substrates are required for patch antenna design to meet this need. Unfortunately the use of high permitivity substrates introduces the problem of surface waves, which decrease the power radiated by the Antenna. The design solution was to implement Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) structures to eliminate surface wave propagation. This project developed a design model that accurately predicted the analysis results. Software simulation of an optimized antenna with EBG structures was shown to have improvements in bandwidth and axial ratio over an optimized antenna without. A patch antenna was designed and printed for a substrate with a permitivity of 10.2, verifying the simulation by testing the printed antenna is pending.



Figure 1 The Design Solution







Easy Visual Explanation & Results

For a quick visual overview of what has been accomplished: Presentation (PDF)



In Depth Explanation & Results

For an in depth explanation of what has been accomplished: Final Report (PDF)



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Progress Report #1

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