The DIMFIC is a DIrectional Microphone for FIeld Capture. It incorporates a patented Dual-Microphone Array and superior filtering, all designed to provide you with maximum birdwatching enjoyment. Loftingware has received several requests to explain exactly how the DIMFIC works. In respone, we have provided a "technology tour"...

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There are two major stages to the DIMFIC. The first stage is the "Directional Stage". This stage makes sure that the microphone only amplifies what you are interested in. To do this, you simply point the DIMFIC at what you want to have amplified. The first microphone's signal is slightly delayed. You can't hear the difference - only the DIMFIC's processing can "hear" this delay.

The left-hand picture shows that the DIMFIC only amplifies what you point it at. Notice how the man (representing noise) is not as clear as the bird.

The right-hand sketch shows how the timing for the delay is worked out. It's based on the speed of sound. The speed of sound changes a little with temperature and air pressure - that's why DIMIFC can be adjusted*.

*Adjustment may not be available on prototype models.

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