Welcome to Loftingware. Loftingware provides the world's top bird recognition products.

Our flagship product, the Bird Acoustic Recognition Tool (B.A.R.T.) is in pre-production now, and will be available in the summer of 2003. We also have a multi-purpose directional microphone, the DIMFIC, which cuts down the size and weight of a traditional directional microphone.

Both the BART and DIMFIC were successfully demostrated at UVic during the recent IEEE student night. (25 July 2003) There was a lot of interest generated, including some people who want to do the field testing! Both the BART and the DIMFIC are being refined, and production prototypes are expected by May of 2004.

See our products page for technical information.

Loftingware was founded in 2003 by three Engineering students for the 499 project course. After some research, it was found that a multi-pronged approach would work most effectively. Loftingware has both a hardware and software division, each working to bring you the latest in recognition technology.