Simon Tipler & Wade Simpson
499a Final Project
UVic Electrical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. Peter Driessen

Functional Description

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Project Description
Composing music has one primary challenge: getting the music created in your mind into a recording. Most software for composing electronic music was designed to give the composer ideas instead of allowing the musician to intuitively develop their own personal sound. To overcome this creative barrier, the "Waymon Synth" was developed by musicians to give the power back to the composer.

Using two joysticks, the musician has real time control over many variables/effect. With our system, the musician can design their own waveform or choose from several interesting presets. With an extremely simple user interface, the musician is able to produce the sound they want. We have also given the composer the ability to control volume, distortion, waveform mathematics, any analog single order filter, and other interesting components besides quick and simple control of the pitch.