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Our system uses a 6-Volt 500mA center positive adapter. Our system is regulated at 5 Volts.

The left and right waveforms allow several interesting standard waveforms. Included are a few of the developer’s favorite sounds. The pitch of these is played around the base frequency.

Custom Waveform
Besides selecting one of the preset waveforms, the musician has the opportunity to “draw” the desired waveform using 15 linear slide potentiometers. To remove the initial “click” sound, the first sample is set at midscale. It is recommended that the musician set at least one sample to full scale and one sample to zero scale. This allows maximum resolution.

The musician can select C, A, E or G base notes at different octaves. The musician still has the opportunity to play any note; these are just four base notes.
The range allowed is greater at low frequencies and narrower at higher frequencies. (Logarithmic approach)

This section combines both waveforms from the left and right channels into a new sound.
Add- adds left and right waveform and divides by two
Subtract – subtracts right from left (when left and right are the same waveform, you will hear nothing)
Multiply – multiplies left times right waveform

This section is the final analog stage of the Waymon Synth. The musician can create any low pass or high pass filter. Overlapping these two filters creates a band pass or a band stop. Turning either knob forward moves the filter’s critical frequency up and vice versa.

Line Out
Mono standard line output to an amplifier or effect box.