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Tech Specs

The Team:
Scott Chin
Anup Misra

Dr. Wu Sheng Lu

August 2003

Technical Specifications

Encoder Block Diagram

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Decoder Block Diagram

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Technical Specifications

The Wavegen codec consists of two Matlab functions with a number of supporting functions. The encoder reads in raw, uncompressed .cif video clips. The output is an encoded .wlt data file. The decoder reads in the .wlt file and outputs a .cif video clip. The .cif video clip can then be played on any .cif players.

The Wavegen Codec has the following specifications:

  • Motion compensated prediction with a block size of 8x8 pixels and 8 pixel search range.
  • Three block matching algorithms are supported:
  • exhaustive search
  • 3 step search
  • (1/K) pel accuracy exhaustive search
  • DCT or DWT can be selected by the user.
  • DWT with 5-step decomposition
  • Wavelet transform performed using Daubechies-4 filters.
  • 13 frame GOP in an IBBPBBPBBPBBP frame ordering.

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