Thank you for visiting this web page describing my CENG 499 design project at the University of Victoria in conjunction with Axys Technologies Inc.

Project Overview

AXYS Environmental Systems (AES), a division of AXYS Technologies Inc., is a Canadian company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of environmental monitoring systems. AES is a world leader in meteorological, oceanographic and water quality data acquisition systems and offers product lines ranging the TRIAXYS™ Directional Wave buoy and Watchman™-based meteorological buoys to ship and land based environmental stations.

The Watchman500™ is AXYS Environmental Systems’ new microcontroller-based 'smart sensor' system which will be deployed in a diverse range of environmental monitoring products. The embedded smart sensors will collect data from various sensors and report back to a master ‘node’ using the CAN bus and the CANOpen protocol. The master node connects to a PC based system via radio, satellite or serial link. The PC system will then display and archive real time data and provide system configuration through a web based interface.

In the context of a 499 project, a preliminary software architecture design was produced using the Rational Unified Process. The first stage was risk and quality analysis along with requirements engineering. Use cases were then produced for the various system functions. The highest risk and highest priority uses cases were identified and were expanded into system sequence diagrams. From the classes identified in the system sequence diagrams a class diagram was produced which will be used for implementation.