Date : 01 Aug 2003
Time : 2:20 am
Final report
Posted by : Jordan

Final report is done and posted in the docs section.

The site has undergone a great number of changes in the past few days, there is now a section for videos, as well as a section outiling the goal of the Unit00 project.

-Happy reading.



Date : 29 July2003
Time : 1:30 Pm
Project Demonstration Day Success
Posted by : Jordan

Ok, I am blown away, we won the IEEE award for best senior design project !

Special thanks to Jon for all his hard work, and the staff of the physics machine shop. Its nice to know there is a shop on campus that accually lets students come in and use the tools. Theres no way we would have had a working platform if it wasn't for their help.

Also a big thanks to our supervisor, Dr. Manolis Christodoulou, visiting professor to UVic from the Technical University of Crete

The most recent code is avalable in the nightly snapshot section, its a little bit messy right now, but I will clean it up soon.



Date : 27 July2003
Time : 8:45 Pm
Project Demonstration Day Success
Posted by : Jon

Wow! Times flies when you're learning how to be a mechie!

10 weeks of metal work + 3 weeks of electrical work and coding = 1 fully functional robot! The project demo day was very successful with lots of interest in our project.

Full documentation will be online soon.



Date : 29 May2003
Time : 11:56 Pm
First Progress report added to the docs section.
Posted by : Jordan

The first progress report has been added to the documents section.

Keep checking the nightly builds section to get the newest code as the project progresses. I will add instructions to grab the files from the CVS some time this weekend


- That is all



Date : 19 May2003
Time : 7:35 Pm
Welcome to the jungle
Posted by : Jordan

Welcome to the home of the yet to be named UVic Autonomous Robotics Project.

Awefull pretty looking itsn't it, this was supposed to be my own homepage, with a few tweaks it will work out just fine for this page.

I doubt if it will ever become dynamic but hey whatya expect from a computer engineer eh ?

- That is all