The Homing Disc

The Homing Disc is our solution to a common disc golf problem: missing discs. Since the sport often takes place in wild areas or even at night, this problem arises far too often. Frequently players will find their stray discs, but at the increasing cost of playing time. And for those avid golfers, the constant monetary cost of permanently lost discs is an annoying reality.

Simply slapping a beacon on a frisbee disc would not do. There were many considerations to take into account. For one, we couldn't affect the flight of the disc at all with our homing device, so it would have to be light and small. It would have to able to withstand the elements: water and dust. It would have to be resistant to impacts. And it would have to be power efficient to increase battery life.

This web site is for the Design Project course ELEC/CENG 499; our supervisor is Dr. Peter F. Driessen.