Developers:  Jason Allan
  Eric Helander
    Supervisor:  Dr.A.K.S Bhat
The purpose of this website is to introduce a prototype product developed in an electrical engineering design class and to explain its operation. This is for partial fulfillment of ELEC 499A.
Project Title
DC Motor Control
Project Summary
We developed a modification for an electric scooter to provide speed control. The scooter was originally manufactured without speed control, making acceleration from rest hard to control and making it difficult to maneuver in small spaces. This caused it to demand a lot of current from the battery, which drained it quickly. We developed a DC motor control unit, which is comprised of a DC chopper circuit and a thumb controlled throttle. Our design is meant to replace the stock relay, so ease of installation and reasonable cost without reducing the top speed available were major design considerations, all of which were achieved.