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What is the Checkmate?

The Checkmate is a personal wireless device that brings destiny to people who are meant to meet each other. This is accomplished with a compact, mobile, low-cost transceiver which communicates to other Checkmate devices over a low-power microwave link.

How the Checkmate works

The Soulnet Checkmate is more than just a device. It is built on a network of people and their personal profiles. Each profile is securely stored on the Checkmate website for the user to control. The website acts as the conduit for users to add and edit their profile and to define their suitable match.

Users provide the means for communication between their checkmates during their day-to-day lives. In passing, the Checkmate quickly checks other Checkmates for good matches between each other’s romantic interests.

The information network is backed by the power of the Internet

The Checkmate then easily connects to the PC to download the updated profile. During the day, matches are recorded. To check them online the Checkmate uploads mutual matches and statistics on one way matches (not mutual). Then, in an anonymous and safe way, matches can find out more from each other. To get to know each other better, they can authorize permission to personal information in the match's profiles. The rest is destiny.



• low-cost ->between $20-30 dollars per unit
• compact
• low power consumption ->long battery life
• “Plug And Play” USB interface
• LCD Display ->to display battery life and compatibility status
• small speaker ->to indicate when a compatible person is in range
• short range ->indicates match within small radius
• low electromagnetic emissions
• integrated microprocessor and transceiver
->used to communicate between checkmate devices
• easy-to-use website to communicate between other checkmate users and to create a romantic matching profile