Sir Mix-A-Lot is a project which was motivated by a similar product posted on about an automatic drink pourer called the BarMonkey. The BarMonkey's design was a great initial step in developing a fully featured automatic drink mixer; and we believe Sir Mix-A-Lot moves past the first prototype -- refining and improving upon initial drink mixing ideas and raising the stakes.

Sir Mix-A-Lot is a fully automated drink mixing machine built directly into a refrigerator. The machine is housed in a medium sized 'Hudson Bay' refrigerator which was modified for drink dispensing purposes. Sir Mix-A-Lot has a built in carbonator for CO2 creation -- it mixes pop syrups and the carbonated water to make pop.

Sir Mix-A-Lot's user interface is as clean as possible -- exposing a single 10.4" TFT LCD built into the freeze door which allows the user simple and quick access to mixed drinks.