Fun for the whole family!
Adds to ANY board game!
Wireless game buttons!

This "Bizz Button" can transform any trivia game.  It allows up to four people to buzz into a base station using handheld controllers.  The base station will light up with the color of whoever buzzed in first, just like classic trivia based games on TV.

Fig 1. Simulation of two hand-held units sending information to a basestation.

Using RF technology, the hand-held controllers do not require a line of sight to the basestation.  This gives the users greater playability and range of motion.  This product can be used with any trivia style game or even used to modify an existing board game.  The trivia game market has seen a resurgence in past years with the popularity of such television shows as "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?".  Trivial Pursuit has been a popular board game testing players prowess for over 20 years but there has never been a product that would allow people to test the speed at which they can recall trivia.  By simply adding a Bizz Button, Trivial Pursuit is instantly changed into a Jeopardy style format where recall speed is factored into your knowledge.