Our project presentation was a great success, with a fully operational system. Interpretive software was written by a computer music student, Ben Nevile to demonstrate the functional output of the project.

The Radio Drum provided input signals for the demonstration. A singel channel prototype and a blank circuit board were displayed along side the finished product.

The test circuit was a prototype of the first channel. The rest of the channels were followed this design, with changes to filter and generator resistor values.

The main board contains eight channels, each of which contributes one modulated and one un-modulated signal to the output port.

One daughter-board, consisting of 2nd-Order Butterworth Filters, was added to filter the noisy Radio Drum signal. Additional op-amps were also added to the circuit to provide power using a second daughter-board.

The Radio Drum provides the eight analog DC input signals to the circuit. For information on the history of the Radio Drum, see the Article section.

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