This project incorporated three notable components:
Maxim 274 Low-pass Filter 
XR-8032A Signal generator 
MC1496D Modulator

Maxim 274 Low-Pass Filter
Four MAX274 chips were used in the construction of the board. Each chip included four second-order low-pass filters. Each filter was realized using resistors specified to generate each required cut-off frequency respectively.

XR-8032A Signal Generator
One signal generator was required to generate each of the eight carrier frequencies. Each frequency was specified according to selected resistor values. Potentiometers allowed for fine-tuning of the carrier frequency.

MC1496D Modulator
Eight modulators were used to modulate the carriers with the analog DC inputs signals.

All of the resistors used in the filter and generator circuitry are exactly as calculated with either one or five percent tolerance.LM 833 and 741 operational amplifier components were used in the design. 

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