USB I/O Module

Fast Forward Technologies (FFT) built a USB based I/O module. This project is part of the 499a design course at the University of Victoria.

The USB I/O module is designed with education in mind. Not only is the product built while the team members are working on their education; its being built to help schools educate their students in the mechatronics area.

The goal of the project was to go from design, to a breadboard prototype, to a PCB based prototype. The ultimate result of this project (Not necessarily in the scope of 499A) is to create a production board for the next generation of Festo's Easy port. The current prototype has the following specifications: Module Specifications

- Jon Knoll
Discipline: Electrical Engineering - DSP option
Year: 4a
Duties: Jon is the hardware guru. Jon is handling circuit design, firmware writing, and PCB design. Because of his plethora of experience, Jon is the perfect R&D person for this project.
- David Wolowicz
Discipline: Electrical Engineering - Control option
Year: 4a
Duties: Dave Takes care of the management components as well as the software design. Dave is also involved in the hardware design as it is vital that it meets certain specifications and pricing.

- Progress Report #1 (Proposal)
- Progress Report #2 (Sorry this is proprietary)
- Final Report (Sorry this is proprietary)
- Module Specifications
- Poster Presentation


- FFT USB IO board Demo Gui Application R2: FFTDemo.exe

- FFT Quick IO application: QuickIO.exe
- USB Electrical test Suite: USBHSET.exe


Bread Board Based Prototype

Unpopulated PCB

The complete I/O module
The module inside its case

The demonstration setup
Jon, the gold bowler, and Dave
David Wolowicz
January 30, 2003
This FFT web site is part of the Elec499 Project course. All files, concepts, and trademarks are licensed Dave Wolowicz.