ELEC 499B - Design Project

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'The Hallucination Fan'

Project Group

Judith Canning

Brooklyn Gould

Semra Foster


Project Description

The completion of  ‘The Hallucination Fan’ project was in fulfillment of credit for ELEC 499B at the University of Victoria.  

The objective of this project was to develop a novelty item for our own benefit in order to utilize academic experience gained over the last 5 years. 

‘The Hallucination Fan’ operation is based on the concept of persistence of vision.  Affixed to a rotating circuit board are LEDs.  These LEDs are illuminated in such a way that during board rotation, characters, which display the time as a digital clock, appear in air.  The board moves faster than the eye can detect thereby giving the appearance that the time is floating.

The final design implements a circuit board mounted on the motor shaft of a household fan, plugged into a wall power supply.  8 LEDs are affixed to the board in a straight line.  These LEDs are controlled by an Atmel AT90S2313 microcontroller.  The timing of the flickering of the LEDs is organized through external interrupts from a Hall effect sensor and internal timing interrupts.  On board power to the circuit is provided by a battery.


Operational 'Hallucination Fan'

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