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Circuit Schematic

Board Layout

Parts List




Prototype board

Circuit board to rotate.


Airworks Household fan

Rotate board on motor shaft, cool down nearby onlookers. 


AT90S2313-10 Microcontroller

Control LEDs.


SE3420, 10 MHz Crystal Oscillator

Provide external clock to microcontroller.


Microcontroller Programmer, PG-302

Download .hex files to microcontroller.


20 Pin Chip Seat

Provide removable seat for microcontroller, allow easy reprogramming during testing.


DN6848 Hall Effect Sensor

Positional reference for board.



Generate signal from Hall Effect sensor.


LEDs (1 blue, 7 green)

Motion gives display for clock.


ULN2803 Octal Transistor Array

Increase current to improve LED brightness.


Push Button Switch

Provide reset signal to microcontroller.

Provided by UVIC

6Volt Lithium Battery

Power for circuit.


MC78051 Voltage Regulator

Step down power to 5 Volts and regulate at that level.

Provided by UVIC

Battery Holder

Support and connection for battery to board.


Heat Sink

Cool voltage regulator.

Provided by UVIC

The cost of all purchased parts (which were used) came to a grand total of $168.24.

Circuit board mounted on the motor shaft of the fan.

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