Elec 499B Project
Spring 2003


Clear Motion Concepts
The Team:
Andrew Gorrie
Howard Peng
Clive Walker

Dr. Pan Agathoklis
Thank you to the Victoria Chapter of the IEEE for ranking our project 1st overall.
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With The M2 Reflex, simplicity was the main goal. CMC set out to explore the viability of designing a microprocessor-controlled active suspension system for competition mountain bikes. Active suspension in this sense refers to the ability to sense the terrain being travelled over and to make adjustments to the suspension settings that benefit the rider.

The focus of the project was to build a digital system that is capable of controlling a bike suspension system. The M2 Reflex is a working model of this concept.

In this project, Flash CPU programming and Analog Circuit Design played major roles in the development of this product. Practical applications of Control Systems, Analog Circuit Design and Microprocessors were implemented during this project.

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