The AUVic Research Group is involved in researching, investigating, and implementing technological solutions for AUViking, an autonomous underwater vehicle being built by the AUVic Team at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada

AUViking and is a small lightweight vehicle capable of carrying a flexible assortment of sensors and actuators, which will allow it to autonomously perform specific tasks and objectives.  It is being designed to compete in the 6th International AUV Competition (IAUVC) held annually in San Diego California.  Click here for the rules.

The AUVic Team's primary focus is to design and build AUViking for competition, but a second and equally important goal is to introduce the field of autonomous underwater vehicles and the process of engineering design to engineering students at the University of Victoria.  It is felt that the AUVic Team provides an enriching experience for students that compliments their academic education.

The AUVic Research Group consists of three members who are currently contributing to the AUVic Team by working on the following three areas.


Donovan Parks              Motor Controllers, Reprogrammable PIC Controller,

                                    Control Algorithm


Ziko Rajabali                 Navigation, Networking, Image Processing


Mark Campbell              Inertial Guidance System


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